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The Power of Patient-Centric Healthcare

Episode Notes

Today we are re-running an episode exploring a question that seems super straightforward, but that on closer examination reveals incredible complexity, and that is "how do we put the patient at the center of the healthcare system?” It almost seems counterintuitive, since aren’t patients always the center of healthcare? But healthcare is a strange industry, in that it is built with the fundamental goal of serving patients, but in many ways, the patient isn’t always the end customer of the system. In fact, the patient — and the patient’s voice — can often be lost or overlooked in the enormous, complex, convoluted business flows between a huge system of providers, in elaborate clinical work flows, in insurance coverage and reimbursements, and in high level policy debates.


In this episode, a16z general partner Julie Yoo and deal team partner Jay Rughani talk with Freda Lewis Hall — a physician who was formerly Pfizer’s Chief Patient Officer and Chief Medical Officer; and who among many other roles was appointed by the Obama Administration to the Board of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. They discuss what happens when you rethink the entire healthcare system from the patient’s point of view, from drug development to clinical trials to care delivery. What tools and new approaches can we use to truly put the patient at the center of the healthcare system? And how do we update our Flintstones healthcare system to match our Star Wars medicines?