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Deploying AI Platforms to Identify Sepsis

Episode Notes

On this episode, we discuss three recent papers out in Nature Medicine this week, all examining the deployment of Bayesian Health's AI platform in a clinical setting: Two prospective studies focused on clinician adoption and patient outcomes, and one interview-based study focused on clinical experiences with Bayesian’s AI platform, TREWS. 

First, we get into detail about the design and results of the prospective studies, then we talk about TREWS in context with other clinical decision support tools. Finally, we talk about clinicians’ attitudes toward adoption. 

Featuring Dr. Suchi Saria, PhD, and the CEO of Bayesian Health; Dr. Neri Cohen, MD, PhD, as well as a collaborator with Bayesian Health; and Dr. Vineeta Agarwala, MD, PhD, and a16z general partner. Hosted by Olivia Webb.